Famiglia Casadei

Famiglia Casadei

It is the hallmark that guarantees ethical farming and winemaking practices and conduct in all the farms, wineries, and estates created by Stefano Casadei and his Family.

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Our History

Stefano Casadei was born and raised in the sun-drenched Tuscan fields. Son of an agronomist, he grew up amidst crops, meadows, and the values of Tuscany’s rural tradition. Ever interested, or better still passionate, about wine, he studied agriculture in Italy and then attended advanced courses at the University of Bordeaux, in France. Soon after specializing, he became a creative and enthusiastic wine entrepreneur. Today, Stefano is the owner and technical director of wineries in Maremma, Chianti and Sardinia. President and founder of Tecnovite, he directs the BioIntegrale technical-scientific team, which works to safeguard biodiversity and promote ethical and sustainable farming.

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Olianas estate

The beating heart of Sardinia

Rising in the Sarcidano region, the core and backbone of Sardinian authenticity and forever home to farms, vines, and shepherds, Tenuta Olianas is Stefano Casadei and the Olianas family’s dream come true. The grounds are cared for using ethical and biodynamic farming practices that respect nature and support biodiversity. Here, vineyards and fields are tended to in compliance with the BioIntegrale approach, and autochthonous vines yield superb wines that exalt the local terroir’s amiability.

tuscany wines castle castello del trebbio chianti rufina

Castello del Trebbio

History in the Tuscan hills

Timeless, fascinating, and intriguing. Built by the De' Pazzi family in 1184, Castello del Trebbio rises in Tuscany, nestled in the enchanting Chianti Rufina hillside, near Florence. Property of the Baj Macario family since 1968, today it houses a bona fide sustainable farm and winery, that also comprises farm holiday facilities. Castello del Trebbio operates in full compliance with the principles of the BioIntegrale philosophy.

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Le Anfore di Elena Casadei

Soil & Terracotta

As the daughter of a winemaker and granddaughter of an agronomist, Elena Casadei grew up amidst vines and cellars. Skilled and enthusiastic, she plays the leading role in Le Anfore. A project that sparks from the duo “soil + terracotta”, leading to the creation of exceptional wines that splendidly express the singular qualities of every vine and region.