“BioIntegrale is more than just a working method. It is a frame of mind, a philosophy of life."

Stefano Casadei
Stefano Casadei

Handing agriculture back to nature by nurturing the biodiversity of life, and choosing farming and winemaking practices based on the wellbeing of the environment. The philosophy of Tenuta Casadei, a BioIntegrale winery in the heart of Alta Maremma, is rooted in giving pride of place to the safeguarding of nature. Protecting and enhancing the surrounding ecosystem, favoring the prosperity of the land and of the living beings it welcomes. These are the essential, and indeed existential, prerequisites that shape all our choices and decisions, from farming, to building, to energy efficiency. BioIntegrale means rediscovering good, sound traditional agricultural practices that optimize the health and biological vitality of the soil and, thus, enable us to limit human interventions on the vine. An example? Integrating the work of man with that of animals, and eliminating the use of synthetic chemical compounds. Deciding to comply with the BioIntegrale method and ethical agriculture implies farming practices that allow us to do without chemical additives, and promote energy efficiency, reduction of mechanical interventions, replenishment of biological matter, and natural waste disposal. Earth, water, air, light, the primary elements without which no life form would exist, are the basis of the BioIntegrale philosophy and approach. These elements are the tools that Tenuta Casadei uses to farm, protect the habitat of animals and insects, and safeguard the ecosystem.

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The BioIntegrale® Philosophy

"I was born respecting nature, because I was born in and among vines, olive trees, and grape harvests. And because thinking sustainably is all about adopting the kind of lifestyle, habits and behavior that my family and I have always embraced."

BioIntegrale agriculture ensures sustainable development and the continuity of essential resources by promoting the vitality of the ecosystem and protecting biodiversity.

“Nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed” well expresses Tenuta Casadei’s holistic vision of farming and winemaking. This philosophy translates into production methods that meet the needs of the present without compromising the future, such as reducing soil consumption and using environment-friendly tools.

At Tenuta Casadei we have chosen to embrace the BioIntegrale philosophy and adhere to a moral obligation: maintaining and enhancing the natural, cultural and human environment in its entirety, to bequeath it, healthy and vital, to future generations. Because safeguarding the environment is an essential prerequisite for future prosperity.

BioIntegrale Guidelines
  • Integrating the work of men and animals: wild geese and sheep keep our grounds neat and help us remove leaves, and animal traction allows us to limit the use of tractors, and avoid their invasive impact.
  • Employing local labor and neighborhood enterprises, and making use of domestic resources, to redistribute wealth throughout the community and support the local culture and traditions.
  • Using time-honored cultivation techniques and modern technology to minimize the use of mechanical field equipment.
  • Choosing sensible farming practices to reduce human intervention on the vines.
  • Enriching our fields’ stamina by nourishing the soil, rather than the vines.
  • Eliminating synthetic chemicals: the maximum quantity of copper compounds and byproducts shall not exceed 3 kg per hectare, save for particularly unfavorable vintages.
  • Honoring the fundamentals of biodiversity and of our farm’s multiple purposes by implementing permanent or temporary cover crops.
  • Planning crops rationally, to avoid periodic grubbing up.
  • Handling raw materials as little as possible, to preserve our wines’ natural features and maintain the bond between the land and the organoleptic properties without impacting quality. 
  • Wine is an alcoholic beverage that results from the total or partial fermentation of grape juice. Hence, the vinification is to be carried out fully respecting the fruit, restricting the use of additives to a minimum. 
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