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“Wine is a passion, I was lucky enough to be able to turn into a business”

Fred Cline Nancy Cline
Cline Family Ventures

Two wineries, Cline Family Cellars and Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, and a farm with an olive mill, The Olive Press. The Cline Family wineries stem from the passion of Fred Cline, an entrepreneur of Italian descent, and rise in the heart of Sonoma County, California. Here, among eucalyptus trees, weeping willows, and evocative lakes, Fred Cline produces exceptional wines and wonderful extra virgin olive oils using sustainable innovative agronomic practices that comply with the dictates of organic farming. "Beyond organic", is how Fred Cline, fully committed to reducing the environmental impact by applying techniques able to safeguard the balance of the ecosystem, likes to define his approach. Fred and Nancy Cline fell in love with Sonoma County at first sight, and decided to move their wine business from Oakley to here. Love, and respect, for this land immediately translated into a keen desire to preserve its integrity and maintain its natural balance, aiming to present their seven children with a unique gift: a healthy, vital, productive natural environment. For energy supply, Fred and Nancy go so far as to use solar energy, and their agricultural techniques are definitely unusual. Their weeding method is a singular example: the job is done by the "Wooly Weeders", a team of 1500 sheep and 500 goats that graze freely among the vines, eliminating mechanical work and the use of chemicals. Protecting nature, and placing its welfare at the center of farming and winemaking choices. Safeguarding biodiversity and guaranteeing the continuity of natural resources. This is Fred Cline’s mission.

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Cline Cellars & Jacuzzi

Family Vineyards

The Cline Family Cellars, immersed in a lovely park, and the Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, an "Italian style" stone farmstead among olive trees and vineyards. These two extraordinary wineries that rise in Carneros, Sonoma County, across the street from another, embody and recount a marvelous family legacy that stretches over more than 120 years. The Jacuzzi brothers, originally from Friuli, traveled to the United States in the early 1900s. Creative, brilliant and resourceful, they obtained numerous patents, including the famous whirlpool bath, and one of the two, Valeriano, set up a winery in Oakley. Fred Cline spent his childhood here, learning to love nature and witnessing a newly-discovered “magic spell”: the transformation of grapes into wine. Years later, in 1982, Fred established his own winery, the first Cline Family Cellars estate. In 1989, he decided to move 60 miles further north, not far from Napa Valley, bought a farm near Carneros, in the heart of Sonoma County, and moved the winery there. That was the beginning of Fred and Nancy Cline’s adventure.

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The Olive Press

The first olive press in Sonoma County

Founded in 1998 by Edward Stolman, a passionate agricultural entrepreneur, The Olive Press was the first olive mill in Sonoma County, California. Committed to natural farming and environment-friendly harvesting and processing practices, Stolman chose to employ sustainable growing and pressing methods from the very beginning. Fred and Nancy Cline purchased The Olive Press in 2013, and have ever since continued the tradition of producing world-class premium olive oil whilst respecting nature. Hand-harvesting the olives, traditional pressing, and bottling in small batches ensure an exceptional, sought-after and award-winning product.

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